New Icefjord Centre

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Photo by: Lars T. Christiansen

New Icefjord Centre

TOURISM 22. APR. 2021

The concept of ​​a new visitor center by the Icefjord on the west coast of Greenland in Ilulissat, 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, is now being made a reality. The vision was to build a new Icefjord Center, which will be the first of a total of five visitor centers, which together will lift Greenland to a whole new level as a tourist destination. The Icefjord Center will open for visitors on 2 July 2021.


Photos by: Lars T. Christiansen

The Vision

Ilulissat is located on the west coast of Greenland by Disko Bay - 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. The ice fjord is a spectacular place, where the world's climate change is taking place at full blast, and where visitors have the opportunity to watch one of the world's most active calving glaciers up close. It is here in the unique natural area, which was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004, that the construction of the visionary Ilulissat Icefjord Center began in 2019.

In Greenland, for many years there has been a strong desire for a information and learning center that can tell about the Icefjord, history and nature which is a central part of the self - government's tourism strategy.

Ilulissat is Greenland's most visited tourist town. In addition, the obvious consequences of climate change mean that the area is frequently visited by international climate debaters, researchers, heads of state and others in connection with research and meetings.

The building

The intention of the building is to have a great respect for the special and unique nature surroundings, where the building must form a natural extension of the hiking routes with the opportunity to walk outside on the roof with unique views of the ice fjord and the landscape.

The Icefjord Center will be approximately 1,500 square meters on total. About 900 square meters of the building will be exhibition areas. The Icefjord Centre will house an exhibition area, cinema, café and a shop.

Other stories from Greenland


EXPLORE 22. JUL. 2021

Qullissat, a disused coal mining town on the northeast coast of Disko island in West Greenland close to Ilulissat and former capital of the similarly disused Vaigat Municipality. When the settlement was closed down and evacuated in 1972, it had over 1000 inhabitants. Buildings and many machines still stand, as when the place was left.

Icelandic horses in Nuuk

TOURISM 28. MAY. 2021

In July 2020 four icelandic horses arrived in Nuuk as the first of several. The Icelandic horse is a breed of horse developed in Iceland to withstand the harsh climate on the island and is still used for traditional sheepherding work.

The plan is to acquire more horses, build a riding hall, a cafe, holiday cabins and establish a public offer of riding lessons as well as tourist activities.

Extreme-E coming to Greenland

EVENTS 17. APR. 2021

Extreme E visits Greenland in August 2021 during its inaugural campaign to race close to the retreating Russell Glacier in Kangerlussuaq to raise awareness of the rate at which ice is melting at the poles.

Extreme-E series will be the first motorsport series ever to take place in the country after the first two events in Saudi Arabia and Senegal.

LUNARK - A moon habitat in Greenland

SCIENCE 18. APR. 2021

Two Danish space architects, Sebastian Aristotelis, 26, and Karl-Johan Sørensen, 24, conceptualized the LUNARK Habitat - a simulated Moon habitat for research, with the aim that it one day can sustain life on the Moon.

Isolated in one of the harshest climates on Earth, they were ready to test their Habitat in Greenland.

Dinosaurs in Greenland

SCIENCE 18. APR. 2021

After a sudden change in the climate around 200 million years ago in late Triassic, both meat and plant easting dinosaurs suddenly appeared in the eastern part of Greenland.

The arrival coincides with the fact that the Earth in that late Triassic time period experienced wild climate change where the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere fell by half.

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